The sniper code: stickman

The sniper code: stickman style puzzle action game is a free puzzle game. It was released on 2020-05-29 (updated on 2020-09-30).

The sniper code is an addictive and challenging shooter with a full package of puzzle+action levels to challenge your brain and test your aiming+control skills! Download now and enjoy!

Sniper stickman games

Become a top stickman sniper in this challenging online game. Prove your marksman skills by completing a variety of missions and earning money for upgrades.

You may think that you don’t need much skill to be a stickman sniper, but if you want to make it through this sniper game, you must focus and get good at it. This means paying close attention to the face and profile of your target since some pedestrians can resemble each other with small details.

Your aim is very important because if you miss, you won’t be able to complete the mission, and you can lose your money and your weapon. So train your eyes for the most difficult targets, and don’t let the temptation to shoot as fast as you can overwhelm you.

In addition, you should pay attention to the wind when shooting your rifle. Sometimes it will cause a bullet to go off course.

The game has a wide range of targets, from gangsters to police officers to stick men stealing food. So read carefully the instructions in each mission file and use your sniper training to find the right one.

Sniper stickman game

You are a highly trained and experienced sniper. Your job is to sneak into enemy territory and observe their movements before completing your assigned targets.

You will play in first person from a fixed position, focusing on your aim and tapping the screen to shoot, just like a real sniper. You will have dozens of missions to complete, with a variety of objectives.

When you kill a target, you will receive several points. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking will be.

If you miss a shot, your sniper will reload and continue to do so until you make another hit. This is an amazing passive effect, as it will help you stay alive longer and avoid hazards.

Sniper also has a powerful knockback effect that allows you to wall-jump from walls, making it a great choice for players who want to evade their opponents. It also has a high damage output per bullet, meaning you can remove up to 1/3 of your enemies’ health with each shot.

Sniper is a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal, and you will have lots of fun with it! You can try it out for free right now, and you can even share it with friends.

The sniper code stickman style puzzle action game

The sniper code is a great new sniper game that will challenge your aiming and control skills. You’ll have to complete a series of missions in secret with your stickman character and use your sniper rifle to take down your target.

The game has thirty levels and you’ll only have one night to complete them. Each level is a mission that requires you to eliminate enemies from a distance using your sniper rifle.

You’ll be able to unlock all the weapons you need in this amazing shooter game. You’ll also be able to upgrade your sniper rifle to improve your performance in this exciting action game.

Download the sniper code for free from ApkOnline and play it on your PC or laptop! It’s easy to install on Windows and Mac OS. You can also play it on a tablet or phone, but it is best suited for desktop computers.

The sniper code is a puzzle shooter game developed by Solitude that allows you to destroy your enemy from a distance with your sniper rifle. It features 30 challenging levels with multiple objectives and smooth intuitive gameplay. Accuracy and finesse are the keys to success, so spend your stars earned in the in-game shop to boost your shooting skills!