The name of Isaac Keys, who is currently playing for the New England Patriots. His wife’s name is Danika Berry, they got married in 2016 and have a daughter together, who was born in 2018.

keys isaac married?

Mr. Isaacs is married to his wife Danika. She is the mother of their two children, Keys and Kaya-Lani. They have been married since 2010.

who is the significant other of the football player isaac keys?

Danika Berry is the significant other of the football player Isaac Keys. She is a model, who has a daughter named Zoe. She was born and raised in Georgia. Danika’s father passed away when she was only 5 years old.

what is the name of the wife of isaac keys?

Well, you’re in luck. The name of the wife of Isaac Keys is Danika Berry! She is a model, fitness expert and business woman. The two met at a gym where she worked and married in 2016.

The name of Keys’s wife is Danika Berry.

Keys says his wife grew up in an abusive household and was subjected to bullying at school. But she has since taken care of herself, becoming a model, dancer, singer and rapper — even writing songs for Keys himself!


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