Guinea pigs can be great pets for the first time. They make fun sounds and are easy to take care of. Due to their social nature, it is important that you have room and love for two Guinea pigs.

It is essential that they have enough space to rest in their new home. The bottom of their bed should be lined with soft, comfortable, and absorbent bedding. This will keep them safe and warm while also keeping odors under check. It should be easy and simple to wash up, and it should be biodegradable.

Guinea Pigs have many options for bedding, including paper-based or fleece bedding, wood bedding, hay, and wooden bedding. You should choose either paper-based or fleece-based bedding to provide the best comfort for your Guinea Pig. Continue reading for the best bedding for your Guinea Pig.


Tunnels are an excellent addition to the habitat of your Guinea Pig Cage. These wild animals build their own tunnels through digging. Your guinea can only be able to fit through the tunnels. It is possible for them to dislike it if it gets too big. Tunnels should feel tight.

Fresh Vegetables

Guinea pigs love fresh veggies! This large, nibbling animal loves fresh vegetables and will happily eat any food you give them. Add vegetables with care. Slice them into smaller chunks. Baby carrots are a great alternative to large carrots that you might give your guinea pig.

You should also be aware that vegetables can become spoiled in a guinea pig’s enclosure. If your guineas pigs don’t like certain foods, you should get rid of them immediately. This will prevent you from attracting bacteria and bugs that can cause illness to your Guinea Pig.

Because wood shavings contain volatile oils and can be dusty, they can cause serious health problems for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs should not be exposed to pine or cedar shavings. Aspen shavings can be safer. Aspen hardwood is virtually scent- and dust-free. Aspen can also be used to make recycled wood shavings.

Small Animal Bedding That Is Made From Paper

Many guinea pig owners opt for natural paper bedding such as refreshed natural newspaper bedding. It is the softest, most absorbent bed and also has the best odor control. It has very little dust, which is good for your pet and makes cleaning much easier. It’s sustainable, biodegradable, and can be composted. It’s not only better for you and your Guinea Pig, but also for the planet.

Fleece for Guinea Pigs

Fleece bedding has become very popular in recent years. It is very soft, reusable, and economical. Unfortunately, they are less effective at controlling odors and can take longer to dry and wash. As such, we recommend you choose a paper-based bed.

Guinea pigs have to eat Timothy every single day. This hay can also be used as a floor covering material, especially when it is covered with another type of more absorbent bed. Bulk purchases are a good idea if you use timothy Hay as bedding.

Kiln-Dried Pine Shavings

Pine shavings that have been kiln-dried are safe for Guinea Pig Cage. Kiln-drying shavings remove dangerous phenols which can cause damage to your piggies. You should also search for shavings without scent or dust that are extracted from the earth and are soft on the feet of your piggies.