Moto X3M Unblocked

Moto X3M unblocked is a fun bike racing game with plenty of exciting challenges. It was created by the developers at Mad Puffers, who also produce the popular bike race games Soccer Masters and Basketball Stars. The goal of the game is to complete levels as quickly as possible while keeping an eye out for hazards, which could cause the bike to fall.

Moto-x3m unblocked

In Moto X3M, you have to drive your motocross bike through the different levels. There are numerous obstacles to avoid, and you have to learn how to flip, jump, and perform other tricks. If you make it through all the levels, you can progress to the next level.

Moto X3M is an exciting game that has many great features. The main feature of this game is to perform aerial flips. These flips will help you gain more time and stars.

Moto x3m. unblocked

To play Moto X3M , you need to use your arrow keys to navigate the course. If you crash into an obstacle, you will lose time. However, you can also get a nitro boost, which will give you a speed boost. As you go, you will earn stars, which you can use to unlock new bikes. There are 22 levels in the Moto X3M series. Each level has a set time limit to finish. You must collect at least three stars in each level to advance to the next level. For more challenging levels, you will need to earn more stars.

Moto X3M has a variety of features, such as insane stunts and jumps, nitro boosts, moving walls, and wacky contraptions. In addition, the game includes additional level packs, which add even more levels.

In the unblocked version of the game, there are many more features and difficulties. Some of the challenges include avoiding obstacles, crashes, and crashing into other players. Also, the game has numerous traps and walls, so you need to pay close attention to the surroundings.