With the free PlayStation Plus games for May, you can enjoy a month of gaming without paying a dime.


The following games are available for download until June 4:


-Borderlands 2 (PS4)


-Risen 3: Titan Lords – Enhanced Edition (PS3)


-Super Motherload (PS3/Vita)


-Don’t Starve: Giant Edition (Vita)

do you need playstation plus for final fantasy 14

 PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that allows you to play multiplayer games on your PlayStation console. Final Fantasy 14 is a game that requires PlayStation Plus if you want to play with other players online, but not if you’re playing solo.


To play the game, you’ll need a PlayStation account, which includes an email address and password. Then, you can download the base game and start playing right away.


You don’t need to pay for PlayStation Plus to play Final Fantasy 14 solo—you can buy items from the shop with real money instead of using in-game currency called gil (gil).

does playstation plus charge tax

 No, PlayStation Plus does not charge tax.


PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that allows you to access online multiplayer games and other features, including the ability to play games that require the PlayStation Plus subscription. In order of how much it costs, you can choose between $10 for one month, $20 for three months or $50 for 12 months. These subscriptions do not charge sales tax because they are considered services rather than tangible goods.

do you need playstation plus to play fall guys

 If you already have a PlayStation Plus membership, you can play Fall Guys without an additional charge. If you don’t have PlayStation Plus yet, you can purchase a membership on the Playstation Store.


If you do not have a PlayStation Plus membership, you will need to purchase one in order to play Fall Guys.

can you play dreams without playstation plus

 You can play Dreams without PlayStation Plus. But you’ll need a PS4 and a PS Plus subscription to access the full game.


Dreams is an upcoming game from Media Molecule, the studio behind LittleBigPlanet. It’s still in development and is scheduled to release sometime in 2020.


The game was announced at E3 2019 and will let players create their own worlds and characters using a variety of different tools, including GameMaker: Studio, PlayCanvas, and Unity. The toolset is designed so that players can build games without needing any previous experience with coding or programming languages like C++ or JavaScript.


It’s unclear if Dreams will require PlayStation Plus to play when it launches next year.

do you need playstation plus to play ffxiv

 There are several reasons why you may have to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to play FFXIV, but not all of them are good.


You will need a PlayStation Plus subscription if you want to play online with other players. This is because all online games require a subscription to play online, and this is true of FFXIV as well.


If you only want to play by yourself, though, then you do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription—you can still play the game offline just fine!


While it’s possible that your friend may be able to connect with you via their own network connection (either at their home or at school), it’s more likely that they’re trying to connect with you through the internet and will need a subscription if they want to connect with other players who also have subscriptions.

do you need playstation plus for fall guys

 Yes, you need Playstation Plus to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the fall.


Playstation Plus is a subscription service that allows you to play online with your friends and access free games every month. If you want to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this fall, you’ll need Playstation Plus.

do you need playstation plus to play 2k22

 In order to play 2K22, you will need a PlayStation Plus membership.


2K22 is a sports game that can be played online with other players or offline by yourself. The game has been out since 2020 and has been updated regularly over the years. There are also many other games in the 2K series that you can purchase as well!