Mad City Dirt is a bike racing game developed by Mad Pixel for mobile devices. In the game, players can compete in various dirt bike races and perform stunts to earn points and unlock new bikes and tracks. The game features realistic physics and detailed graphics, and allows players to customize their bikes and characters. It is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Mad City Dirt game is a fun activity for the entire family. You can play it inside or outside, but we recommend that you play it in a place where you don’t mind getting dirty.

The goal of the Mad City Dirt game is to be the first person to get their car across the finish line. You will need at least two cars, but more people means more fun!

To start, each player should choose a colored car and take turns rolling dice and moving their car forward based on what number they roll. If you roll doubles, you can move your car twice as many spaces as normal. If you land on an opponent’s space, they have to go back to where they started.

If a player lands on a space with a toolbox (or if someone else throws their toolbox onto one of your spaces), then that player gets to throw their toolbox onto any other player’s space. If someone lands on your space again, then they have to go back however many spaces they rolled earlier in order for them not to lose their turn altogether! The last person standing wins!