Pangea is a drinking game for 3-8 players. It can be played with any number of people, but the more people you have, the more fun it is.


Each player should be assigned a color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or black.


To start the game, each of these colors gets a corresponding card that has a different number on it. The cards should be shuffled and placed face down on the table so that no one knows which color corresponds to which card.


The first person draws one of these cards from the pile and calls out their color so everyone knows who’s playing what color. Then they flip over their card; if it has no number on it then they lose a drink; if there is a number on it then everyone else loses a drink; if there are two numbers on it then everyone drinks twice as much as usual (e.g., if someone has 3 on their card then everyone else drinks three drinks).


After this initial round of cards is dealt out and played with, players may choose to draw another card from the pile or pass their turn. If all players pass then whoever has drawn the highest number wins

how to play ride the bus drinking card game

 Ride the Bus is a drinking game that involves playing cards.


The goal is to get rid of all of your cards before anyone else does, but there are a few rules you have to follow first:


  1. Use only one hand at a time when playing cards.


  1. You must play with an open palm and your thumb tucked away from the rest of your fingers.


  1. Never attempt to peek at another player’s cards while they’re trying to play theirs—you’ll probably get knocked out by one of the other players if you do!

how to play fuzzy duck drinking game 

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game


  1. Players sit in a circle, with a full glass of water in front of each of them.


  1. The first player takes a sip of water, and then names an animal. For example, “Fuzzy duck.”


  1. The next player has two choices: they can either say “fuzzy duck” or they can say “duck.” If they say “duck,” they must drink the entire contents of their glass; if they say “fuzzy,” they get to pass their glass to the next person without drinking anything. (If the last player to speak fails to mention an animal at all, everyone drinks.)


  1. Play continues around the circle until one player is left without water—they are now Dizzy Drunk!

how to make bingo a drinking game

 There are many ways to make bingo a drinking game, but we’re going to focus on two of the most popular.


First, you can play “bingo” with beer. Each time a card is called, you drink. For example, if someone calls out “B23,” you drink a beer. If someone calls out “E24,” everyone drinks one beer together. It’s important that everyone knows how many beers to drink before the game starts!


The second way to make bingo a drinking game is more complicated: each time someone calls out one of your numbers, you have to drink. For example, if someone calls out “A14” and I have that number on my card, then I have to drink three times (one for every letter). This version is great because people who get their numbers called often end up drinking a lot more than others!

how to play ride the bus drinking game

Ride the bus drinking game is a simple game that requires you to drink every time you see a bus.


It’s easy to play, and can be played with as many people as you want!


Here’s how:


  1. Everyone sits in a circle, except for one person who gets up to go grab their phone


  1. The person without their phone starts reading out loud text messages on their phone until they come across a word that rhymes with “bus” (“buss” or “huss”), at which point they say “Buss!” and everyone has to drink


  1. The person without their phone continues reading texts until another person says “Buss!”, at which point everyone has to drink again for as long as it takes for someone else to say “Buss!”

how to play shout out drinking game

 The Shout Out Drinking Game


Shout out is a simple drinking game that requires a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten. To play, each player takes turns shouting one word at another player in the room. For example, if you’re playing with five people, each person would take turns shouting at each other player five times. The catch: you can only say the other player’s name. If you say anything else—like “Hey!” or “Hi!” or even just “Hey!” again—you have to drink! The game ends when everyone has had their turn to shout at everyone else once, or when everyone is too drunk to keep playing (whichever comes first).