Categories is a fun and simple drinking game that will have you and your friends laughing the night away.


How to Play:


  1. Players sit in a circle with their drinks in front of them.


  1. The first player says a category (examples: “animals,” “fruits,” “drinks,” etc.), then names something that fits into the category. The next player has to say something that doesn’t fit into the category, but does fit into another category that was previously mentioned.” For example, if someone says “animals” and then names a dog, the next person could say “a cat” because cats also fit into the animal category. If they say anything else besides an animal name, they drink!


  1. If someone repeats something already said or adds on to what’s already been said (for example: saying “a cat” when someone else has already said “cats”), they drink!

how to play chandelier drinking game

 To play the chandelier drinking game, you will need:


-a chandelier


-at least 2 people (the more the merrier)


-alcohol (preferably something strong)


-a deck of cards


To start the game, each player takes a turn placing an object on top of the chandelier. You can choose to use anything you want—it doesn’t have to be an actual thing; it can be a piece of paper with an item written on it or even just a word. The object must be placed in such a way that no one can see it when they look up at the ceiling—you want them guessing what it is! Once everyone has placed their objects, players take turns removing objects from the chandelier. Each time someone removes an object from the chandelier, they have to drink one sip of alcohol (or whatever is in their cup). When someone removes all of their objects from the chandelier without any other players removing theirs first, that person wins!

how to play corners drinking game

 The corners drinking game is a classic, and it’s easy to learn.


To play the corners drinking game, you’ll need:


* At least two players, with at least one of them being able to stand up and balance on one leg (the other player will need to be seated).


* A table or other flat surface with four corners.


* Two cups per player (one for water and one for alcohol).


The goal of the corners drinking game is to make it through a full deck of cards without falling over or spilling any liquid on the table. Each time you fail to do either of those things, you drink! To determine who goes first, flip over two cards—the person whose card has the highest number goes first. If there’s a tie, go by suit (hearts beats diamonds beats clubs beats spades).


Each round consists of 12 turns—each player gets three turns as dealer before passing the baton to someone else. On each turn as dealer, each player must follow these rules: 


1) Deal out four cards face-down in order from lowest rank (2) to highest rank (Ace) in front of each player at their corner of the table. Players should keep their cards hidden from other players

how do you play tic tac toe drinking game

 Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game




  1. Each player takes a turn placing their X or O on the board.


  1. The first person to get three in a row wins the game (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).


  1. If you win, you get to give your opponent a shot of alcohol (or non-alcoholic equivalent) and then you take one yourself!

how to play around the world drinking game

 How to play the Around the World drinking game:


  1. Players sit in a circle, with one empty chair in the middle.


  1. Each player takes a turn being “it” by spinning in their chair and calling out a country name. If you get called out, you drink!


  1. If “it” spins and names a country that has already been named, or if someone else spins and calls out the same country as you, you have to drink twice!


  1. The game ends when everyone is too drunk to continue or when someone falls asleep!

how to play waterfall drinking game

 The waterfall drinking game is a game of chance, requiring a lot of coordination and skill. It can be played at any time, but is most enjoyed during parties or get-togethers with friends.


To play the waterfall drinking game, you’ll need:


Two dice (one each for every person playing)


A cup for each player


A pitcher of water or non-alcoholic beverage to use as a “waterfall”


The goal of the game is to make it through all seven rounds without falling off the waterfall. If you do fall off, you must drink whatever liquid is in your cup at that moment. The first player starts by rolling both dice and adding them together. Then they move forward on the board according to their total number. The next player follows suit but with an added twist: after rolling, they must try to throw their own dice as close as possible to their previous roll without going over. If they succeed, they get to move forward that many spaces; if not, then they must go back one space on the board and try again until they successfully hit their mark.”

how to play quarters drinking game

 It’s time to get your game on!


Quarters is a drinking game that you can play with a coin and a quarter. All you need to do is flip the coin into the air, catch it, and drop it on the table. If you flip a head, you drink; if you flip a tail, your opponent drinks. For every time that you or your opponent flips heads in a row, everyone else drinks.


Now let’s talk about how to play quarters. First, decide who’s going first by flipping a coin—heads will do for this purpose. Once someone has flipped their coin into the air and caught it on the back of their hand (or wherever else), they must flip it onto the table so everyone else knows what face was showing when it landed.


If this player gets a head, they pass their turn; if they get a tail, then they must drink as much as they want/can until someone else flips heads in order to pass their turn again. The person who gets another head next goes again…and so on until there are no more heads on top of the stack!