Don’t Take My Word For It


The game of Don’t Take My Word For It is a fun way to get your friends to think about the validity of the words they use. The idea is simple: Each player draws a card from the deck, reads it aloud, and then must convince the other players that it’s true. (If one player does not believe that a word is true, then that player must yell “Don’t take my word for it!”)


Step 1: Shuffle the deck. Deal five cards to each player and place the remaining cards face down in the center of the table.


Step 2: On your turn, draw a card from the top of the deck, read it aloud, and prove that it’s true. If another player doesn’t believe you, they can yell “Don’t take my word for it!” or raise their hand and say “I don’t believe you.” If no one yells “Don’t take my word for it,” then you are allowed to keep playing with this card until someone challenges it. If someone raises their hand or yells at any time during your turn while playing this card, they must take a drink (or give one).

how to play cat chaos card game

 How to Play the Cat Chaos Card Game


The Cat Chaos Card Game is a new and exciting game for cats and humans alike. The goal of the game is to create as much chaos as possible, which can be achieved in many ways.


For example, you can:


– Get your cat to chase a laser pointer around the house for over an hour.


– Make sure that your cat has eaten enough food so that it won’t be hungry for at least 24 hours.


– Turn on the TV and let them watch “the dog show.”


– Jump up onto their favorite chair, then jump off again 10 times in a row while they are trying to sit down.


– Leave the litter box uncovered for an hour without cleaning it up afterward, then come back into the room just as they are about to go into it.

how to play trashcan card game

 The Trashcan Card Game is a card game that involves players drawing cards from a pile, discarding certain cards, and placing the rest in a discard pile.


The player who draws the highest card in their hand gets to go first. The object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards.


The player who goes first starts by discarding one card face-down into a “trashcan.” The next player must draw an equal or greater number of cards (if they can) from the top of the deck and discard them, without looking at them, into the trashcan. If they cannot, they must pick up two cards from the top of the deck and discard them into their hand. Then play continues with each player drawing and discarding until their hand is empty or until there are no more cards left in the deck.


If you land on a card that has been discarded into your trashcan, you get to take it out of there and put it back into your hand!

how to play ratuki card game

Ratuki is a card game that is played with a deck of 52 cards. It is similar to other card games like Crazy Eights and Uno, but it has its own unique rules.


To play the game, you need two or more players, and each player needs a full deck of cards. Each player starts with seven cards in their hand. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards by playing them onto one of the piles in front of you. You can only play one card at a time onto any pile, so you have to think carefully about which pile you want to put it on!


When you play a card onto a pile, it must be played in order (for example: if there are four cards in front of you, then there must be four cards in front of your opponent), unless that card is an eight or nine (you can play them anywhere). If someone else plays a card onto your pile before you play yours, then they have made what we call “an illegal move.” You may tell them that they have made an illegal move by saying “NO!” loudly and throwing down as many cards as possible from your hand onto the floor. When this happens, everyone gets back their cards and starts over from scratch

how to make a card game box

 How to Make a Card Game Box


Step 1: Cut the cardboard box in half.


Step 2: Measure the length, width and height of the box, then cut a piece of paper that measures those dimensions.


Step 3: Place the paper over the bottom half of your box, and draw around it with a pencil.


Step 4: Use an X-Acto knife to cut out the shape you drew. You should now have a square that fits perfectly into your box!


Step 5: Fold down both sides of your square so they meet at the center crease. This will make it easier to put your cards into the box without them falling all over each other!