The PlayStation Move controllers do not come charged, so you’ll have to charge them before use.


How to Charge Your PlayStation Move Controllers


To charge your PlayStation Move controllers, simply plug them into your PS4 console for about an hour. The controller will be fully charged when the light on the front of it turns from red to white.

how do i know my playstation 4 controller is charging

 It can be hard to tell whether your PlayStation 4 controller is charging. In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to accidentally leave your controller plugged in for days and not realize that it isn’t charging at all.


So how do you know if your controller is actually charging?


There are a few different ways to check:


1) Check the indicator light on the charging port. You should see a solid green light when your controller is charged and ready to go. If you don’t see this light, try unplugging the cable from both ends of the cable and reconnecting them again. If there’s still no sign of life, try another cable—if that doesn’t work either, contact PlayStation Support immediately!


2) Check the battery level in-game. If it’s extremely low or nothing shows up at all, there may be something wrong with your controller itself or with its battery pack (which can be replaced).

how long do playstation motion controllers take to charge

 How long do PlayStation motion controllers take to charge?


The PlayStation Move motion controllers take about 3 hours to charge. The PS4 console will provide visual and audio notifications when the controller is fully charged. You can also check the status of your controller by pressing the button on the top of your controller. If you turn it on, a green light will appear next to the button; if it’s off, it will blink red and orange.


If you’re using a traditional USB cable and not charging from your console, it will take around 2-3 hours to charge fully.

how long does a playstation 4 controller take to charge

 The PlayStation 4 controller takes about three hours to charge. It’s important to note that the controller will not be charged unless it is turned off. This means that if you are playing a game and need to charge your controller, you should turn it off first.

how to tell if playstation 4 controller is charging

 How to tell if your PlayStation 4 controller is charging


If you’re playing a game on your PlayStation 4 and notice that the controller isn’t responding, it might be time to plug in the controller and give it some juice. You’ll want to make sure that the controller is fully charged before going into a game, but how do you know when your controller is fully charged?


The easiest way to check whether or not your controller is fully charged is by looking at its LED lights. On top of the controller, there are four small lights in a square pattern. The small LED light in the very middle of these four will turn red when the controller reaches full charge. If it doesn’t turn red right away, don’t worry! The controller takes time to fully charge up. Just give it a few minutes and see if it changes colors!

how to get past welcome back to playstation without controller

Tired of forgetting your PlayStation controller when you want to play? Here’s how to get past the “Welcome Back” screen without a controller!


  1. Press the PlayStation button on your PS4 controller


  1. Select Settings from the menu that appears on your TV screen


  1. Scroll down to the Account Management section and select Sign In To Account Management


  1. On the next page, select Forgot Password? (located in the upper-right corner)


  1. You’ll be asked to enter a CAPTCHA code; this is one of those annoying images with letters and numbers that are hard for computers but easy for humans to solve (we hope). Once you’ve entered it correctly, you should see an option called Reset Your Password Click That!