You can transfer money from one PlayStation account to another, but not between different PlayStation platforms.


When you’re transferring money, make sure you have the following:


-The account you want to transfer money out of.


-The account you want to transfer money into (you’ll need its email address).


-Access to any required security questions/passwords for both accounts.

can you send someone money on playstation

 You can send money to your friends and family members on PlayStation by using PlayStation Network (PSN).


To send a payment:


  1. Log into your PSN account at


  1. Select the Wallet tab, then select [Send Money].


  1. Choose the recipient from your Friends list or enter their email address or mobile phone number, then select [Next].


  1. Enter the amount you’d like to send, then select [Next].


  1. Review the details of your transaction, then select [Send].

how to send money through playstation



If you want to send money to someone through PlayStation, it’s easy! Just follow these steps:


  1. Go to the PlayStation Store and select [games/apps].


  1. Select [wallet] and choose [send funds].


  1. Choose the amount you’d like to send (you can also choose an amount out of your wallet balance).


  1. Choose your recipient by entering their email address or username, then their password (if they have one). If they don’t have a password, just type in their email address or username.


  1. Enter the amount of money you’d like to send them (you can also choose an amount out of your wallet balance), then click [send].

can you transfer money from one playstation wallet to another

 How to transfer money from one PlayStation wallet to another


Transferring funds from one PlayStation wallet to another is a quick and simple process. To start, you’ll need to make sure that you have accounts on both the PSN Store and PlayStation Store, as well as two different profiles (one for each account). Then, follow these steps:


1) From the [PSN] menu, select [Account Management], then choose either [Transaction History] or [Wallet Management].


2) Select the “Transfer Funds” option on the left side of the screen.


3) Enter in the amount you’d like to transfer and click “Next.” If you have multiple wallets associated with your account (such as from buying the same game on multiple devices), you can choose which one you want to use by clicking on its corresponding box at this point. Then click “Next.”


4) Enter in your friend’s PSN ID number or their email address (if they don’t have an account set up yet), then click “Next.” You can also enter in their username if they have one but aren’t using email addresses yet—just make sure that what you’re entering matches what their username looks like in your own friends list!