It’s time to get ready to play astrodud-io!

astrodud-io is a multiplayer io game where you play as a space alien and fly around the galaxy, trying to collect as many stars as possible.

You can play in single player mode, or with friends in online multiplayer mode. The goal is to be the first person (or team) to reach 10,000 points by collecting stars and destroying other players.

In this game, you must use your character’s abilities to collect coins and power-ups, while avoiding obstacles and other players. The more coins you collect, the higher your score.


The longer you survive in the arena, the more coins will appear on the map.

Collecting coins will help your character evolve into new forms and unlock new abilities!

The ships are controlled by tilting your phone. You can also use a joystick if you prefer.

The game has two modes:

-Classic mode: Collect all the stars on the screen to move to the next level. You have unlimited lives, but it will get harder and harder with each level!

-Time Attack mode: Reach the highest score possible before time runs out!