1. A video game crossword is a crossword puzzle in which all clues are related to video games.


  1. In the earliest days of video games, the term “crossword” was used to describe a type of puzzle where players had to swap tiles around on a board until they had completed a pattern that looked like a crossword grid.


  1. The first video game crosswords appeared in newspapers in the early 1980s; these puzzles were created by computer programmers and featured clues with hints as to how they could be solved (e.g., “This clue has something in common with every other letter in its row”).


  1. Today, most video game crosswords can be solved without referring to any outside help; however, some players prefer them because they allow them to use their knowledge about specific games or series’ lore for solving clues that might otherwise seem impossible without assistance from external sources such as walkthroughs or guides (e.g., “The last thing you do before leaving your home planet”).

a con game daily themed crossword

 A con game daily themed crossword


1) Con games are a form of fraud, usually perpetrated by criminals on victims who are often unsuspecting and/or vulnerable. In this crossword, you will be presented with clues that allude to famous con games of the past (and present).


2) The answers to each clue must be in the form of a word or phrase that is related to the con game’s name or the type of criminal activity it represents. So for example, if a clue is “a trickster” and its answer is “Houdini”, then Houdini was a trickster. If it’s “a grifter” and its answer is “Bernie Madoff”, then Bernie Madoff was a grifter. Etcetera.


3) If a word or phrase has multiple meanings, but one of those meanings is relevant to the con game being described in the clue, then that word or phrase may be used for your answer choice. For example: A clue could say “This woman was famous for her ability to read palms.” You could use the word palm reading because it refers to telling fortunes; however, if another definition would work better (such as “This woman was famous)

con game decoys crossword

  1. The Game


  1. Duck Hunt


  1. What are you doing?


  1. It’s not like this every day!


  1. That’s what I’ve been doing all day!


  1. This is not a game for everyone!


  1. You’re going to get us all killed!

a con game crossword

  1. She’s a little girl in a blue dress, but she’s not sweet.


  1. You’re playing with fire when you play this game, because one wrong move and it all goes up in flames.


  1. It’s a game of chance—but not all the time!


  1. Everyone knows you have to be careful when playing this game—the stakes are high and the consequences are real!


  1. It’s fun for the whole family, but there’s a dark side that can be hard to see if you’re not looking hard enough

a con game crossword clue

 A con game crossword clue is a word or phrase that can be used to fill in a blank in a crossword puzzle. The word or phrase must have something to do with the theme of the puzzle and must be spelled correctly.


A con game crossword clue may be a person, place, event, or thing. For example, if the theme of the puzzle is snakes and ladders, then the con game crossword clue for “snake” would be “Garden of Eden.”

won every game crossword clue

  1. They were playing a game of chess, but he was winning every game.


  1. He won every game, and she was very angry with him.


  1. He won every game by checkmate, which is why she was angry with him.


  1. She was very angry with him because he won every game by checkmate and she couldn’t do anything about it.