Who doesn’t like playing their favorite games with their besties on a weekend? Gaming is one of the most common past times that uplifts the soul of the players and gives them a reason to enjoy and live life to the fullest. 

Playing your favorite games on your personal computer essentially blesses you with greater freedom as compared to a console. However, also keep in mind that personal computers are generally more complicated and lack standardized constituents such as consoles, etc. 

Most of the recurrent PC gaming issues that you will ever encounter essentially come under a few common categories. In this article, we will be discussing some of the major gaming issues that you might experience in the future. So read this article thoroughly and don’t forget to take notes. If you consider yourself tech-savvy and are an avid gamer, then learn how to fix these issues as well. Good luck! 

  1. Extreme Online Lag

Let’s begin by explaining what lag is. Lag is the name given to the delay between you making a move in an online game and the server’s response to that particular move. Have you ever experienced lag? We are sure you must have encountered it at least once in your life. 

Lag and internet connection are interrelated. If you have a solid internet connection like the one offered by Optimum Altice that provides you with amazing internet speeds, then you would experience less lag;, however, if your internet connection is weak and unstable, then you will experience lag frequently. 

Hence, you must always make sure to sign up for high-speed internet and also ensure to shut down bandwidth-intensive tasks that are running in the background. In addition to this, switch off all downloads and also ensure that you aren’t handling any torrents. Therefore, it is safe to say that lag is a recurrent problem on an unstable and slow internet connection. 

  1. Games That Freeze, Hang, and Stutter

It’s super annoying when video games don’t run smoothly. There’s a good likelihood that at least one part of your setup is a huge hindrance if you frequently suffer abrupt freezes while playing offline games where the game essentially slows down and even stops in the middle. 

You can solve this game’s hanging issue with a few simple actions. Reduce the graphics options if at all possible to make the game less resource-demanding. Moreover, close any open programs on your computer to prevent RAM and CPU usage. To give your game some room to breathe, always ensure that you have sufficient disc space.

  1. Computer Games Crashing

We understand that performance and visual problems can be annoying at times, however, the good thing is that they don’t stop you from enjoying your favorite game. But, games that frequently crash are a completely different matter. Why are we saying this? Well because in this situation, you are on a verge of losing your entire progress and that hurts. You might not be able to launch a game if it crashes regularly.

So what should you do to prevent your game from crashing? Firstly, verify that your system satisfies the game’s specified system requirements and that the most recent video drivers are installed on it. Secondly, make sure the game that you are playing is updated and restart your computer to rule out a momentary issue.

  1. Overheating

A variety of conditions can contribute to overheating. Most often, a malfunctioning fan or dust accumulation is to blame. If you own a gaming laptop, you must have seen that it becomes extremely hot when you play on it for a considerable amount of time. Another potential reason for a laptop to crash quickly is an overheating processor.  

How can you find out if the laptop is overheated? Well by feeling the heat, it produces near the vents. An accurate approach would be to download SpeedFan, which is a temperature-monitoring program for Windows, to make sure your machine is operating at ideal temperatures. You can also use this tool to properly verify the temperature of your CPU and GPU.

In addition to this, check to see if the fan is operating properly if you feel that your laptop is overheating. Consider taking your PC to a servicing facility if you own a warranty. If not, gently open the computer case using online instructions and then clean and remove the dust or debris on the fan. 

You can also consider keeping a bundle of silica gel packets because they can be used to stop corrosion inside your computer. See whether the issue is resolved by disassembling and reassembling your laptop. Good luck!

Final Words

We have successfully covered some of the recurrent PC gaming issues and the correct way of solving them in this article. Thoroughly read this article, do your research, and feel free to reach out if you have any further concerns. We are sure that by now, most of your doubts would have been cleared. This means that your next gaming session would be smooth and lag-free. Happy gaming!